Solution with an actionable intelligence

A well transformed and customized platform that offers experience that is engaging on all levels of revenue administration, collection and monitoring.

Revenue Management is crucial

Let us open up your doors and reduce your admin cost, grow your revenue while helping you get a higher global credit rating.

We are filling the capability gap

One stop revenue collection solution from registration, assessment, collection, payment and enforcement.

Revenue modernization is key

Our system has been implemented in several African countries with more countries under development.

Who we are & our offering

We are a South African IT Solutions Company specializing in Revenue Management and Payment Solutions

About Us

We offer customized Revenue Solution to both public and private sector clients and help them improve their revenue collection with end to end solutions, increasing both efficiency and effectiveness. Every client’s needs are different. We analyse the client’s requirements and offer a customized solution, based on our proprietary framework.

Our Management Team

Our executive leadership brings talented people together from the ground up, working tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed.
Peter Ramokone
Development Manager / Chief Architect
Emmanuel Mulangira
Global Business Development Director
Yandisa Mtimba
Senior Developer
Team @ Headquarters