Throughout the years we have taken our time in understanding the core issues within a revenue collection and administration environment, and we have a streamlined solution deployed within cites, provinces, state, municipalities, counties and countries that is now tailored to address issues due to the absence of a thorough mechanism for tracking all monies collected, lack of accurate revenue prediction due to data redundancy and duplication.

Our Revenue Solution

  • Increases corporate effectiveness
  • Improves payment culture & municipal tax compliance
  • Streamlines customer profiling

A one-stop-shop Government enabler that keep records of all payments to easily track defaulters and adequately follow-up with enforcement with detailed reports and analyses to enable adequately budget revenue collections, and this is made possible with the follwoing four(4) pillars.

Registration 24/7

A smooth workflow process that enables customers to submit their applications electronically with the ability to track the progress of their applications through a self-service portal that is fully integrated in real-time.

Seamless Payment

Integrated platform that broadens the payment scope to the customer and guarantees the real-time remittance of payments for utility bills and tax obligations, and offers account update and customer notifications.

Automated Reconciliation

A suite of reconciliation solution that improved risk management and financial compliance. With the use of standardized till sheets the system is able to detect frauds, anonymous account deposit, and unauthorized transactions.

Integrated Enforcement

A streamlined workflow process with auto scheduling of enforcement tasks with due dates organized in location area for a more targeted enforcement activity, which is also used to warn the defaulters to increase collections.


Open Access - 24/7

  • Workflow process across the revenue sources
  • Data aggregations for statistics and analysis
  • Customized messaging for customer notification

Executive Dashboard with flexible reporting options and customer Ledgers that increase staff efficiency, helping lead to enhanced quality and that shows significant gains in real-time collection.

Flexible Bill Notification

  • Processing recurring revenue between billing cycles
  • Direct feeder into the customers accounts and ledgers
  • Synchronized platform with output to enforcement task force.

Based on each revenue source bylaws and the fee fixing, Bill module issue bills with due dates and fines / penalties, and track payments based on frequency and amount with customized payment plans.

Risk assessments & threat model

  • 4 & 6 eye principles that inherit organization's ICT policies.
  • Audit Log that monitors data for potential security breaches
  • User restriction and prohibition module

Security framework is implemented for maintaining ground rules of security and business policies; keeping track of data modifications, files edits, prints, deletes, or views of documents and files.